Fitness bands with high-quality reviews may sometimes be costly but they are durable, and they are multipurpose. They mostly serve as wristbands, wristwatches, pedometers, sleep monitors and heart rate monitors. They are usually water resistant and waterproof.

The top 5 best fitness bands regarded as top quality are;


This is a wristband device with LED display. It can be connected to computer and mobile phone device, and it has a five-day battery life.

The wrist-worn Fitbit Charge is a great but very simple fitness tracker. It is a slim and sleek design that happens to be quite fashionable, on its website; there are several tools and apps that can be accessed for use with it. It is a very good device but may look simplistic to some users.


This is a three in one device serving as a wristband, track watch, and GPS device at the same time. It has an LCD color display, and it is compatible with Windows, MAC, Android and iOS devices. The battery lasts 11 days or 14 hours when the GPS is active.

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT Fitness tracker gives important information to triathletes about their sports, follows up on users physical activity and even includes advice you don’t often see, like recovery time. It’s comprehensive and easy to use but tends to be quite expensive.


This brand of the tracker is currently the best selling brand of fitness trackers. Its most popular feature is that it is a customizable fitness tracker designed to fit your personal style. Users can track all-day activities and get feedback on performance; time can be recorded along with the duration of activities some calories expended can also be tracked, and users get credits for workouts with SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, this feature helps motivate the user to do more. It has a sleep tracking feature and a silent alarm. It uses the easy-to-read OLED screen, and time and call or text notifications are seen on display.

The accessory wristbands usually come in metal, leather, and sport, and this wide range of choices helps the user find their most preferred style. The tracking band is updated to make the time easier to read and monitor performance.


This band has an impressive design, with a lot of features and sensors. It does not have a display screen, but it is compatible with Android and iOS devices, this device has a battery life that can last for 10080 minutes and can be connected by Bluetooth. Its has one of the best sleep-tracking features.


This wristband made by Apple has an OLED display, and it is only compatible with other iOS devices. It has a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker with 18 hours battery life and 5 hours when the GPS is active.

This device can be used even under water. It has a very bright screen and also accepts a lot of third party apps. The only disadvantage is that it happens to be one of the most expensive fitness trackers one can find.